Wednesday, July 7, 2010

we need to go back on vacation!

Yesterday was a horrible day with the babies! They were just super crabby all day and napping was not something they were interested in doing, other than Brady who took 2 two hour naps. Even with the long naps he was still crabby. We decided we needed to go back on vacation! The were so good while we were away. Usually when they are in large crowds they get mad because everyone is playing pass the babies and touching their heads and faces...which they HATE! Everyone just let them play and sat and played with them without picking them up and it made them so much happier.

As hot as it has been the heat doesn't seem to bother them which is great. The only time they were actually in good moods all day yesterday was when we took them out for a walk. I think I am going to fill their baby pool so they can cool off in it tonight. We will see if Aubrey enjoys it anymore than she did last time.

I called a local hotel that lets you pay by the day to swim with the thought that we would bring them there last night and was informed that it was $6 a person...even for the babies! That is ridiculous! Thirty bucks for us to swim for maybe an hour... we will pass on that! I don't think our town pool is warm enough for the princess to enjoy. My uncle's pool was 78 and she was iffy about it but the hotel pool was really warm and she loved it.

Cameron got himself another tooth on the top this time and Brady popped his first one on Monday too. Matthew and Brady got their cribs lowered last week and now the other two need to have theirs lowered as well. Last night Cameron got up on all fours and put his hand on the top rail to wave at us. It isn't going to be long before we have four crawlers!

One thing we discovered over the weekend is that people in larger areas are much more accepting of multiples. Never once in all our stops did we encounter anyone who was rude. Everyone who spoke to us told us what a blessing they were and how lucky we were. It was so refreshing! Here at home we get the rude comments about it all the time and it is frusturating. I guess some people didn't get the lesson that if you have nothing nice to say don't say anything at all. I am tempted all the time when people give us "advice" to tell them if they think they can do better with the 4 of them then come down and give it a try. Did we plan to have quads? No, but we love them and I wouldn't trade it for anything even on days like yesterday!


  1. Maybe those babies are "born travelers" since they were good on vacation, and crabby at home! LOL So glad that you all had a nice vacation.

  2. That is awesome that the kids did so well on vacation. Sometimes getting back to normal life is hard. Hopefully you can figure out a fun swimming situation for them. I am just appalled at the comments you get in your area. What is wrong with people??? I don't know why people feel they need to say anything about having multiples but for some reason they have to throw-up of the mouth. Grrr...


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