Thursday, July 15, 2010

Mr Mom

Ben is finding it very challenging being Mr. Mom! I always would tell him he didn't understand how hard taking care of the four of them is and I don't think he fully believed it until this week. I am able to still put away their clothes, get out clothes for bed and the next day, get their food together, make bottles so he doesn't have as much to do as I normally do in a day but we is definitely realizing that being a full time parent is as much if not more work than working outside the house full time.

We are grateful to have Jackie here to do baths Monday, Wednesday and Friday because that takes a lot off of Ben. Not that it is difficult to give them baths but it takes a good hour to get the four of them bathed and dressed. It is so frusturating for me to not be able to do everything for the babies and I think they are upset that I am unable to meet all of thier needs. It stinks!

The past couple of days the babies have been crabby and not sleeping well. A couple of them spiked fevers that lasted only hours and now Matthew and Cameron have developed a rash so Ben is taking them to the doctors today to find out what is going on with them. Sleeping through all of this has not been an easy task! Monday night Cameron would not stop crying unless Ben was holding him in his arms so I spent the night trying to get all the other 3 back to sleep. Tuesday night, thankfully, Diana spent the night so I could try to sleep and Ben needed to get rest for his CAT scan yesterday, Last night was ROUGH! Matthew and Cameron did not sleep hardly at all and Brady decided to join the group up early this morning.

Brady made a big milestone last night when he went from laying down to sitting up then pulled himself to standing, dropped his paci, went down for it and stood back up! What a big boy!!!


  1. That is a good learning experience for Ben. I don't think Jesse could ever do what I do. I hope the kids start feeling better and get back to sleeping so you all can get some rest. WTG Brady, they are all doing so well.

  2. Nothing like trying to fill a woman's shoes to make a man appreciate her! Way to go, Brady!!!


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