Monday, June 28, 2010

What big boys we have!

All three of the boys were getting too heavy for us to carry in their infant seats so we made the decision to put them in the convertible car seats yesterday. Brady has been in his for almost 2 months now and the other two boys are at or close to the maximum weight for the infant seat. We had hoped to fit 3 of them across the back seat in order for us to be able to load them easier but after pushing, pulling, and wiggling we discovered that there was no way to put the 3 seats we have across the back seat of our van. We finally figured out that if we pull the front seat all the way up and sit it up in the straightest position that we could squeeze by the middle row to get into the rear. Not ideal but we plan to so extended rear facing as long as it works possible to keep them as safe as we can so we needed to figure out something that worked. Aubrey is still in her infant carrier for now but by one she will be in her big girl seat too.

Ben and I went to a wedding Saturday and had a fantastic time! I think the babies had a great time getting spoiled at their sleep overs. All 4 of them showed off and slept great throughout the night. Tom and Kate were especially lucky to have Aubrey sleep until 7:15 when they woke her up. That doesn't happen in our house! It was a much needed break for Ben and I and we are extremely grateful to have people that we felt so comfortable leaving our babies with. Thank you Tom, Kate, Ryan, Tonya, Sam, Chris, Mom and Larry.

We had a visit from a friend who works for Kurt Busch and she brought them some racing outfits so they were ready for the big Nascar race that NH hosted yesterday. They looked too cute! Thank you Kristy!

Tomorrow is their big 9 month check up. I cannot believe that they are that old! They have a busy week ahead, pediatrician appointment, home health appointment, hopefully a trip to the carnival if the weather is ok, a play date with the McLeod quads and their big sister Hannah, family reunion in Massachusetts, a couple nights in a hotel, fireworks and a trip to the zoo. They are so social and love to be out and about so they are going to have a blast!

Ready for the race!


  1. Look at those cutie pies!!! I can't believe how fast they are growing. I also wanted to give you a pat on the back for trying your best to keep them all rear facing. Knowledge is power and you are doing the best for your babies.

  2. Congratulations on enjoying your time away - it is such a relief to have people you can count on when you need or want them! - Tkeys

  3. When are you going to be in Mass? Any time to meet up?


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