Thursday, June 10, 2010

neglecting the blog

I just realized it has been a week since I updated the blog, not due to lack of things to share but lack of time. I thought as the quads got older things would get easier and I would have more time to get things done like housework, my pregnancy scrapbook and now ones for the babies however it seems like just the opposite! The older they are getting the more active they are becoming and when they go to bed I just feel like doing NOTHING! I am so worn out from the day that I don't amount to much.

All four of them are now sitting unassisted and hardly ever take a tumble. They can all roll, scoot and spin in circles to get where they want to do and Matthew is getting up on all fours. He seems to think bed time is the time to practice his new trick and does not like to lay down and go to sleep. The other night Ben went up to lay Matthew down yet again because he was making so much racket he was keeping the others from falling asleep. Just as Ben finished giving Matthew the lecture about staying at the top of his bed and going to sleep Brady piped up and said "HA HA!" How can you not laugh?!?! It was almost like he was picking on his brother for getting in trouble.

The four of them are easily bored and we have to keep them engaged at all times lately. I bought them some small sensory balls and they seem to like to feel them and the boys will roll them back and forth to each other but when Aubrey catches them she doesn't share well. Aubrey thinks that she is the boss of everyone and everything! Anytime that I am giving the boys, Ben or the day care kids heck about anything she runs her mouth to them too. She is all girl! LOL!

The bath ring is gone now that they can sit up so playing and splashing in the tub is big now. I usually get totally soaked while giving baths and the floor gets a good washing too so I guess that is one way to get in some neglected housework!

Night time is back to normal with babies sleeping through the night other than the occasional wake up to get a paci then back to sleep. I am trying to figure out how to go to 2 naps a day but the babies are not cooperating so we are sticking with the 3. One at 8:30 for 30-60 minutes, one at 11:30 for 60-90 minutes and one at 3:30 for 30 minutes with bedtime at 7:30. Ideally I would love to do one around 10 for a couple hours and one around 3 for an hour. I guess that will come in time, for now I have to be happy they are all on the same schedule and napping each day.

Brady was the first to show signs of teething yet he has yet to get a tooth. Matthew has 2 very cute ones on the bottom and Cameron has one poking out on the bottom too. Aubrey has no teeth yet either.

They are all very vocal lately and let each other know if they don't like something. They are definitely moving with intent now. Usually the intent is to steal a toy or paci from a sibling! LOL! I know it is only the beginning of them fighting over stuff.

We don't have a home health nurse anymore so we did a quick weigh in on our scales the other night at bath time and they are still gaining well...
Matthew 19.5 lbs
Brady 23.5 lbs
Aubrey 16.5 lbs
Cameron 20.5 lbs

Their early support coordinator thinks they are well above their adjusted age of almost 7 months and are very close to hitting milestones of their true age of almost 9 months. I like having them come and keep an eye on them so I am hoping the babies do not go to far above what is expected or we will lose this fantastic service.

We have been sampling some foods with the babies the past week and so far yogurt has been a huge hit with the four of them. Matthew and Brady like Rice Crispies and the puffs but Aubrey and Cameron are having a hard time with them. Cameron gags and chokes on any food he has been offered so he may be getting evaluated by a chewing and swallowing specialist to make sure there are no issues there other than him just being young.

That pretty much sums up what has been going on this past week!

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  1. Those kiddos are doing awesome Kari. They sound like they are much closer to their adjusted age. All the boys are still bigger than my girls and Aubrey is just 2 pounds smaller than my girls. You are doing all the right things and they are growing perfectly.


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