Friday, June 25, 2010

Catching up

Whoever insured me life gets easier as the babies grow obviously did not live at this house! To me it seems to go in spurts, when we first came home it was so hard to adjust to 4 babies who needed us all the time then when we got in a routine it seemed much easier then they started moving!

They do not want to be contained except for rides in the stroller or car rides anymore which is great because I was just recently made aware of the downfall of using jumperoos and excersaucers. They now are only playing in those about 20 minutes a day other than that they are on the floor. They sit up all alone for as long as they want to without falling. Matthew and Brady are doing pretty good at going from sitting to laying on their own while the other two cry until we put them on their bellies. Once they are down there is no stopping them! They pull and twist and roll to get wherever they want to go with minimal effort. Brady will stand on his own holding the couch if put him up there. Brady and Matthew are getting on all fours and rocking. Lord help us when they can crawl! We are waiting for them to start pulling up on things to get themselves up but so far no progress there.

Cameron had his surgical follow up last week and all looked really good. You would never even know that surgery had been performed. Matthew was VERY whiney and wanted to be held for 3 days so I took him to the doctors the end of last week and he was a model patient while we were there. He let the doctor look in his throat, take swabs, and laughed the whole time. I kept insisting this was not at all like the Matthew we had at home the past couple days but I don't think he really believed that!

We have been on the go a lot lately! Between doctors visits we had Kindergarten Graduation for my nephew Kaden and then his student of the quarter ceremony we attended at the local elementary school, we went to 2 birthday parties last weekend for my nephew Evan and their buddy Konner, we celebrated father's day by taking Ben out to lunch and attending the fishing derby. This week hasn't been any less hectic with school being out and our days being filled with kids, early supports, a play date at Grammies with some cousins and our evening walks. Luckily it has been nice enough we have been able to go out all week!

Tomorrow Ben and I are attending a wedding for some friends and the babies are going for sleepovers! They probably won't want to come home after being spoiled by their Godparents and my mom!

They have all gotten so big they now bathe without the bath ring in the sink. I am looking forward to putting them all in the big tub together one of these nights soon! Here are some pics to end the post

Next up...9 month Well Child Check next week!






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  1. Look at them growing! I can imagine 4 babies on the move would be a handful...while you have to give them less constant attention, it must be harder when they start moving in different directions! I'm sure you'll get a handle on how to corral them as they grow.

    Hope you enjoyed your wedding and your time off! - Tkeys


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