Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Home again!

We had such a good time getting away for a couple days. The babies did terrific with the car rides and all the new places that we went. We made a quick stop in Concord to see the Lamberts and feed the babies. I was not impressed to find that the mall has no warm water for bottles and the people at the food court were not very friendly. We finally got D'Angelos to give us some hot water to mix with the bottled water I bought.

Our next stop was in Manchester to meet the new quads! It was amazing to see them all doing so well and growing so good. It made us a little sad to look at how big our babies were in comparison. I hope we have many play dates over the years.

After we left the hospital we went to Babies R Us in Salem to do some shopping with the babies gift cards and to feed in the family. Once again NO WARM WATER!?!?! They did have a nice family room to feed in though and the girl at the front desk found us a bottle warmer so it was ok.

Finally onto Uncle Dave and Aunt Susan's. We are so lucky to have such great family that gave the babies a place to come home to when they first were released from the hospital. We all had a great visit and the babies enjoyed the extra attention and the big screen TV. They had their first family movie night and seemed to enjoy it.

Yesterday we took the trip into Boston to see the NICU nurses and bring the photo collage we made for the hall. We were lucky enough to get to see their primaries Mindy and Corinne, unfortunately Doreen had the day off but I am sure that the other girls will fill her in on the babies progress. They were all amazed at how big the babies had gotten and they all showed off their smiles.

We did a little shopping at Target on the way home and the babies got a new baby Elmo doll. They all crack up listening to Elmo laugh and sing. I think we found a favorite toy!

We stopped to see Auntie Allison at work and to have a bottle break before heading home. They were so glad to be home and sit in their swings. All in all it was a great trip but a lot of work! We can't wait to be able to take them all sorts of new places as they grow.


  1. It sounds like you had a great outing as a family. I hate trying to find hot water places. Usually the food court has some, but not always. I can't wait to see new pictures when you get a chance.

  2. I wish I knew you were coming to Salem! I would have popped in BRU and said hi (and brought you hot water!).

    Are the new quads at the Elliot? That's where I'll be delivering and I know they have one of the only NICU's around.


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