Wednesday, January 27, 2010

4 month check up

Today the babies had their 4 month check up and shots. I hate them getting shots! It is bad enough to see one of them upset but trying to comfort four babies is so tough. With any luck it will be like every other time they have had shots and they will be their usual selves. Nothing seems to really upset their routine, even when Matthew had an ear infection he slept fine and when they all had colds they slept good and were still good natured. We are truly blessed.

All in all they had a great check up. Matthew has an appointment to have the flat spot on his head checked out at Dartmouth next month. We are hoping he won't need a helmet but we will see what the specialist has to say about it. As for us thinking he may have some acid reflux she said to try liquid antacid as needed to see how he reacts to it. So far we gave it to him once tonight and he seems much more comfortable. Cameron has a urology appointment in March also at Dartmouth to see if he is able to be circumcised. He wasn't before we left the hospital because he had a slight hypospadious so they were afraid of harming him. Aubrey's eyes seem pretty good she will have her 6 month check in March also. Looks like lots of trips to Dartmouth in our future! Brady is the only one that doesn't have anything scheduled.

Their 4 month stats, the percentile is for their real age, not their adjusted age:

13 lbs 14 oz (25th percentile)
24.5" in length (20th percentile)
16.5" head circumference (10th percentile)

16 lbs 8 oz (80th percentile)
25" in length (50th percentile)
17" head circumference (25th percentile)

11 lbs 9 oz (10th percentile)
23" in length (10th percentile)
16" head circumference (50th percentile)

13 lbs 6 oz (25th percentile)
23" in length (<3rd percentile)
16" head circumference (50th percentile)

We got their reports from early supports and all four of them are ahead of their adjusted age but not reaching the goals for their true age had they not been born premature. Aubrey and Cameron are both behind on cognitive skills as well. I am very glad they are getting the extra help they need so they don't fall too far behind. The hope is that they are completely caught up by age one.

They all have gotten nicknames which I swore they would not have! I am sure this is the first of many things I will find me contradicting myself on. Matthew is Matty Man, just Matty, or Baby Boo since our friends have a 6 year old Matty Boo. Brady is Brady Monster or just Monster thanks to how big he is! Cameron is Cam,, Cam Cam or Cam Cam Man. Aubrey is Princess or Peaches thanks to my 4 year old nephew who thought I should have named her that because it is "the coolest name ever"! Contrary to popular belief Aubs is still not acceptable!

In the past few weeks they have been doing so many new things.
~Brady and Cameron think it is so funny to make spit bubbles.
~Matthew can really hold his head and shoulders up well when he is laying on the floor.
~They are all trying to roll and Matthew is thisclose to doing it.
~They are taking baths in the sink.
~Sleeping 9-10 hours at night in their cribs in their own room.
~They are all laughing, smiling and talking. Cameron is a little harder to get to smile than the others, he is soooo serious!
~They are so aware of each other now. Talking to each other, touching each other, hitting and kicking each other.
~They boys have all out grown their 0-3 month stuff and Brady is even in some 6-9 but Aubrey is still fitting nicely into 0-3.

Every day is a new adventure for our family and we are loving every moment of it!


  1. You always do the best updates on the babies. Thanks for keeping us all posted. I feel as if I know you all since I've been a follower for quite a while. I hate those shots, too. I'd hate to know I had to go through it with 4 babies at one time! I think it's so sweet that "Princess" is still a size 0-3 mos. She really is the "little sister". LOL

  2. They are doing great, keep up the good work :)


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