Saturday, January 23, 2010

Everything Elmo

The babies have discovered Elmo and just love him! We have a couple Elmo dolls that they just find hilarious. Last week my mom had Sesame Street on at her house and Brady was cracking up to it so I taped an episode of it and all the kids loved it! It was a perfect distraction for them this morning when I went to take my shower. I listened to them kicking their feet and laughing the whole time. They don't really care for the parts where Elmo is not on. I am not sure if it is the voice or the sight of Elmo but if I sing La-la-la-la" they all smile and laugh.

All four of them are getting up on their sides now trying to roll over but they haven't had any success yet. I am sure it will be soon. They have really started to bat at toys and today I got Brady and Cameron to hold rattles in their hands for a few seconds. Their favorite thing to play with is their own hands...they talk to them, suck on them, and even chomp on them. Cameron thinks that it is better to suck his sister and brothers' hands. The Bumbo seats are big hits in this house too. They think it is funny to sit up by themselves and look at you. They are getting too big!

Being in their own room has been such an easy transition. They actually seem to like being in there and they spin themselves around in their cribs. I think they sleep more soundly than they did in our room. Our plan for next week is to start a new bedtime routine where we bring them upstairs to play in their room around 8:00, get them into their jammies at 8:30, read a couple books then bottles at 9:00. Right now they are doing bottles at 10:00 and I am ready for an earlier bedtime. Hopefully they will continue the 9 1/2 hour sleep pattern and be up at 7:00 am for bottles. We'll see how it goes!


  1. Wow, who would've dreamed the quads would love Elmo! I have a talking Elmo here for my grandchildren, and my cat absolutely hates to hear him talk. LOL Everytime Elmo says anything, the cat goes crazy and tries to attack it. I guess he's got a voice that you either love or hate. Ha! Congrats on making the transition to cribs so easily!

  2. Aw - we don't have Elmo but the girls go crazy for a sock monkey, go figure. They think it's hilarious.

    Hope the bedtime change works for you. I like my "do nothing" time in the evenings now once they're asleep.


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