Saturday, January 16, 2010

4 months old

Tomorrow the babies turn 4 months...UNBELIEVABLE! It seems like I blinked and they became big kids. Early supports has been visiting each week evaluating the kids and playing with them. They are developing ahead of their adjusted age of 9 weeks but they are still behind the 17 weeks that they are. We aren't too worried about them because they seem to be doing more things every day.

They had a visit from their home health nurse and the neonatologist from Dartmouth came and gave them their Synergist shot. She checked out Matthew's ears and found that he has an ear infection then Brady got his shot and ended up passing out. Luckily his vitals were good and he recovered quickly. Between the two we got their 4 month stats...

Matthew 12 lbs 14 oz
24.5" long
Head circumference 15.75"

Brady 15 lbs 2 oz
25.5" long
Head circumference 16.5"

Aubrey 10 lbs 13 oz
22" long
Head circumference 15"

Cameron 12 lbs 3 oz
23.5" long
Head circumference 16"

We are all packed for our trip and I definitely think we need a bus! For little people they sure need a lot of stuff! We'll let you know how travelling with 4 infants is!

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