Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Pirate's League!

Hands down the BEST money we spent on this vacation was the money spent at the Pirate's League!  It was fun for all of us and the kids thoroughly enjoyed getting the royal treatment!  The props that came as part of the package probably covered the cost of the time there and we left with some fabulous pictures to look back on as we remember the experience.  

Every Pirate and Mermaid must sign in before beginning their treatments!

Aubrey could get very used to being treated as a princess!

The boys weren't sure what to think at first and wanted to make sure we didn't stray too far from them!

Painting the nails with "Seaweed Polish"


Time for the hair do! 



Jake's famous eyebrows!

Up next...side burns!

Time for the wig!

Argh...Me Matey's!!!

How adorable!!!!  Jake vests and shirts made by Mommy, Aubrey's dress was a generous gift from Lynn.  She loves it so much she is going to be Ariel for Halloween!

Time to go through the secret door and check out the pirate's den!  They did professional photos in there.  Love the Photo pass!!!

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