Friday, September 12, 2014

Lancaster fair 2014

Lucky for me the fair only comes once a year...the kids however are just like their father and LOVE the fair!!!  They can't wait for it to come and want to be there every moment. You would think after a week in Disney they would be less excited for the events at the fair but just the opposite was true.  They had a great time and Brady even won the pedal tractor pull...I win mom of the year for forgetting to take pictures of the contest and the win.  I did however manage to get a LOT of picures of the rest of the events that we did over the course of the long weekend.

Hanging out with some friends!!!!

A farmer for the day!  This has been the highlight of the fair for three years running now!

Off to the barns!  They love animals!

Riding rides!  They were all big enough to ride solo this year!!!! YAY!!!

Meeting Curious George and Michaelagelo and the fire dog!

We had all the fun while Daddy worked the horse pulls!  LOL!

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