Friday, September 5, 2014

Art of Animation!

This trip we chose the Art of Animation Resort.  It was nice but not that much nicer than the All Star Music we stayed at last time around.  The cars section was pretty cool but we stayed in the Little Mermaid rooms because we had too many in our party to reserve a suite.  The walk from the room to anywhere was LONG!!! Thank God for strollers!

They loved all the big artwork on the walls.

"The Big Blue Pool" Finding Nemo

Lots of things to look at on the trek to our room...first up the Lion King!

We found some wildlife on the way to our room!

The Little Mermaid!

Our rooms!  We got 2 adjoining that were the exact same!

Our Journey to Cars Land!

The fab four made good use of all THREE pools that Art of Animation had to offer!
Aubrey conquered all her fears about jumping and swimming under water!  We probably could have gotten away with just renting a cheap hotel with a pool close to home! LOL!

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