Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Open house!

It really sunk in that my babies are big kids now.  They were so proud to show us all of their Kindergarten room and the fun things that they do.  They love their teachers Mrs Guay and Mrs Couette.   Look at the little owls!

Cameron was excited to show off the very hungry caterpillars...

Self portraits!

Brady showing off his space.  His first note home said that he keeps the teacher on task and lets her know if she forgets any steps in the day.

Matthew had to show us Delainey's spot then his own.  His first note home said that he is eager to learn and very eager to help others when they need it.

Cameron showed his spot next.  His note home said he takes his time on his work and always completes it.

Finally Aubrey showed us her spot!  Her first note home said that she observes and learns a lot from that before asking questions.

The puzzle tables.

Reading corner.

They loved showing us how to work the smart board.

So far they are all doing pretty well adjusting to it all!  I can't wait to see their first progress reports!

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