Friday, February 21, 2014

Quad Quotes of the Week

Brady was mad at the other kids about something and didn't want to talk to anyone so Ben told them to leave him alone.  Matthew said "He's my best friend and I am not giving up on him!"

We went to get Tonya flowers for her birthday and on the way Cameron said "I want to get Auntie some beautiful roses."  So when we got there I showed him the roses and he said "Nah, these are Auntie's favorite roses."  Nice assortment of many different types of flowers...none were roses.

Brady asked me if he could buy a new game for his Leap Pad.  I told him not right now.  He said "How about when I am five?"  I said sure and he started to walk away when I heard him mumble under his breath "I should have said FRIDAY!  Not when I am five, that is too long!"

I put up their chore charts and asked them each to name a goal they were working towards.  The boys all made pretty good goals and were excited to start earning their stars...Aubrey on the other hand told me her goal was to "only get two stars because I don't want to do chores and I already have an Ariel doll soooo".

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