Monday, February 17, 2014

Favorites at 55 months...

Aubrey's Favorites:
Drink: Milk, Water, Orange Juice
Food: Apples, Grammie Cereal, Shepherd's Pie
Game: Duck, Duck, MOUSE, Puzzles and Hullabaloo
Princess: Ariel
Thing to do: Play Princesses
Best Friend: Girl Kam
Color: Pink and Purple
Show: Doc McStuffins
Movie: Little Mermaid
Song: Part of Your World

Matthew's Favorites:
Drink: Water
Food: Little Smokies
Game: Checkers, Angry Birds
Animal: Horses
Thing to do: Ride horses
Best Friend: Luke
Color: Black and Yellow
Show: Transformers
Movie: Land Before Time
Song: Payphone

Brady's Favorites
Drink: Milk
Food: Chinese Red Meat
Game: Checkers and Ants in your Pants
Animal: Puppies and horses
Thing to do: Puzzles, Coloring and Painting
Best Friend: Mylee
Color: Blue, White, Yellow, Black, Green, Red and Orange
Show: Mickey Mouse and Doc McStuffins
Movie: Lady and the Tramp and 101 Dalmations
Song: Call Me Maybe, Hear me Roar

Cameron's Favorites
Drink: Sneaking Daddy's soda
Food: Cantaloupe
Game: Hullabaloo, Lion King
Animals: Tigers, Lions, Zebras and all the animals in a zoo
Thing to do: Snuggle with Daddy and Mommy
Best Friend: Mommy
Color: Green
Show: My Little Pony
Movie: Land Before Time
Song: Hear Me Roar

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