Sunday, February 2, 2014

Build A Bear

For Christmas the kids got Build A Bear gift cards from Bumpa so we made sure that they had some time to go make their own creation.  They had gone for their 2nd birthday and had fun then but I think they had even more fun this time!

Brady picked out a dog and named her Britney 10.  Aubrey picked out Twilight Sparkle from My Little Pony and named her that.  Cameron, with some urging from his sister, picked out Rainbow Dash.  Matthew picked out a white horse and named him Prince Hugo.  They are pretty proud of their new pals!

First stop...picking out their sounds!

Next you have to stuff them!

The employee was a little shocked to find out they were quads!

Time to pick your heart then make a wish while rubbing it in your hands!

Rub your nose so it won't get cold!

Touch your cheeks so they know you care about them!

Rub it on your forehead so it brings you good dreams!

Time for a bath before you get dressed!

Their finished creations!
Now off for a swim before bed...Disney on Ice in the am!

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