Monday, January 13, 2014

Weekend in Connecticut

The quads, Grammie and I set out for a weekend in Connecticut.  Grammie had some friends to visit and we had a very important first birthday party to attend for our twin cousins, Addison and Ashton.  We got to have dinner dates with family and even a trip to Chuck E Cheese with some new friends.  Nicole and I "met" online when my quads and her triplets were just little and now they are all big kids!  It was great to have a playdate and some crazy fun.  Aubrey decided she was part of a birthday party and joined the birthday kids and Chuck E at one point.  Crazy girl!  Fun was had by all and the 5+ hrs each way was even pretty good...I was worried after Matthew asked 6 miles into the trip if we were there yet!

8 kids...all under picture we could get!  LOL!

So happy to finally meet Nicole!

What vacation would be complete without a ride on the luggage cart!

This was our last trip to CT.  My how they have grown!

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