Tuesday, October 1, 2013

4 year check ups

The foursome did amazing at their 4 year check ups!  They answered all of Dr Stasny's questions and she was impressed with their vocabulary and knowledge.  They had three more shots before they can go to school next year so we did one and the flu mist at the appointment and will go back in 6 months for the other two shots.

They all grew well the past year and continued on their normal curve.

33 lbs -  21st percentile
39.25"  -  24th percentile
15.1 BMI

44 lbs -  95th percentile
41.5"  -  76th percentile
18.0 BMI

32 lbs -  21st percentile
38.5"  -  21st percentile
15.2 BMI

35 lbs -  38th percentile
39.25"  -  24th percentile
15.1 BMI

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