Tuesday, October 29, 2013

"I'm afraid!"

The quads have learned the saying "I'm afraid!"  I never allowed there to be a night light on in their room because I didn't want to create the habit of needing one and we never made it so they were afraid of their room until one day a friend of theirs decided to tell them that she doesn't like to sleep in her room because she is afraid something will get her.  That started the being afraid trend.  I brought out the Eucasol spray...great for this time of year anyway...and sprayed my "magic spray that will keep you safe" everywhere in their room.  That worked great until...

The same friend decided to ask them if they had a night light and they had no clue what it was.  She told them that she needs two on in her room to keep it from being scary.  That night Aubrey was hysterical needing a light on.  I appeased her by bringing out the princess crown Scentsy holder that I had stashed aside for her.  It doesn't let off a lot of light but enough to keep her happy.

I was really hoping to avoid this stage all together.  In fact, I figured since we made it to four we were in the clear...they never cease to amaze me!

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