Friday, August 23, 2013

Santa's Village with Bumpa!

Our season passes to Santa's definitely did not go to waste this year! I believe this was our 7th trip so far! This time we spent the day with Bumpa.  They had a blast riding rides and playing.  Matthew was a little ticked Brady was tall enough to ride solo when he was stuck riding with me.  He even plead his case with one of the ride attendants..."We are ALL three!  We're quads! It's not fair that I have to ride with mommy!"

My attempt to get a picture of the fab four...can't they ever just all look and smile???

Hey Rudolph! 

A spin in the antique cars 

Brady trying to be sweet, Aubrey being her usual self!

Spin, spin, spin!

Playing by the igloo! 

Bumpa and his girl! 

Crazy boys on the chimney drop! 

Cooling off in the "showers" 

Crazy girl!

Time for the reindeer to have a snack! 

 Cooling off in the water park! 

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