Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Camping Quad Style...Part two!

I totally forgot in my first post to write about how it went when we checked in.  I had to stop at the main office to get a car tag and the kids went over to see the garden when Matthew got stung...inside his a hornet.  I watched them all looking and talking then next thing I knew he was screeching, flailing around and Brady was batting at him trying to shoo the hornets away.  Of course it would be the kid who is allergic to bees!  His mouth swelled immediately and I rushed him to the car for some Benadryl before giving the pediatricians office a call.  Unfortunately where it was in the mouth they told me it would take some time for the swelling to come down.  In the meantime he sucked on ice and got lots of hugs from Brady, who felt terrible that Matthew got stung.

Finally the rain let up on Friday evening and Saturday was a great day to play and a perfect evening for Trick or Treating!  I made a deal with my kids...they got to pick out whatever they wanted to be for this day and I got to pick what they were for the real Halloween...SUCKERS!

Fireman Cam!

Construction worker Woody aka Matthew!

Finally getting use out of the $75 Tinkerbell costume!

Officer Brady reporting for duty! 

3 sets of quadruplets...all 3 years old!  People were in shock and I think I even heard a few people say that they were staying away from whatever water we had been drinking!

So much fun with all our friends! 

Now they are ready for the real thing.  This momma better get making some costumes!

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