Friday, August 2, 2013

Backyard Camp out!

Uncle Kyle came up with the brilliant idea to have the kids camp out in the tent in the backyard for a night.  It started out that all the boys were going to sleep out there and the two girls were going to camp out on the couch.  After two episodes of Sofia the First they decided to go to Aubrey's bed before finally settling on sleeping in the tent for the night.  

All was good until about midnight when Brady came in hysterical because he didn't know where he was and couldn't find me.  Matthew decided to come in too because Brady did.  Cameron made it about 2 more hours before he came crawling into my bed.  Aubrey ended up being the bravest Hickey around by sticking it out in the tent until 7 am!  Hopefully when we go camping in two weeks they will all decided to be brave!

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