Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Camping Quad Style...Part 1!

A couple months ago one of my very best friends and fellow quad momma and I came up with a BRILLIANT idea to have both our families meet at a campground and spend a four day weekend hanging out and getting to let the kids have some play time.  Many thought we were brave, even more thought we were just plain insane but we figured we were up for the challenge!  Eight 3 year olds, a big sister and her friend, and of course our two biggest children of all...our husbands...were ready to join in on the fun!

First off I need to preface this by saying that in no way does the campground choice make me think any less of my friend but next year it is our turn to pick! It was totally not Danielle's fault, she went on a recommendation from a friend and she just may think a little less of her friend's taste after the weekend. LOL!

Ben called to report he had made it to the campground and said that it was "interesting".  I asked if it was as bad as Rogers and he told me that this place made Rogers look like a 5 star resort.  I didn't believe him...until I rolled in!  Let's just say that my children went without baths for four days because the showers were scary!  Matthew, unprompted even, informed his brothers not to touch the walls in the bathroom because they were NASTY!  Strike one!

Our neighbors moving in at 10pm the second night there...setting up FIVE tents under construction lights was definitely strike two. Luckily Danielle came up with the idea to move her BAV (Big Ass Van) and park it so it blocked most of the light!

Strike three came at 2:45, after waking two of my children and Ben screaming at them, our lovely neighbors were still awake and thought it was cool to be soooooo loud!  Payback was not so nice the next morning when I let my kids out of the tent at 7 am and let them yell as loud as they wanted and I may have even allowed them to fight a little extra over every little thing.  Then Danielle came out of the camper and may have accidentally set off her car alarm...oops!

Despite all this all the kids had a complete blast and I think the parents did too.  It was nice to hang out for more than an hour or so and actually get to visit with Danielle and Art.  It is scary how much we have in common!

So here is where we spent our mini-vacation!

And here are our 5 star accommodations!

The play ground was amazing though.  The kids loved climbing, riding the fireman's pole and playing in the sand box!

Aubrey was loving running free!

While the boys thought it was best to climb the tree!

Hanging out by the campfire was quite a site...so many little people out of 2 pregnancies!

Roasting marshmellows was a fun little treat!

 The girls quickly became BFF's...hey when you are the only girls in an army of boys what other choice do you have?

Our second day there brought soooo much rain!  Luckily we came prepared and had a ton of fun things for the kiddos to do before making a trip to McDonald's Play Palace to escape the wetness for a bit!

Finally the skies cleared and to the pool we went!  Puddle Jumpers are a momma's best friend! 

Many more adventures to come...tune in tomorrow for the rest of our story!

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