Monday, July 15, 2013

Pine Point 2013

The second day in our Maine beach journey we went to Pine Point to look for sea shells and sand dollars.  Finally we convinced all the kids that the water was fun and they all got in!  Aubrey was hoarding the shells whether they were broken or not and Cameron became an expert at spotting them in knee deep water.  Brady was loving that he found a ton of hermit crabs and grabbed them up and put them into his bucket of water.  Matthew was scared to death of the crabs but had a blast playing in the wet sand.  The water was warm and the day was perfect!

Ready for some fun in the sun!


Hey!  Check out what I have in my bucket!

 Muscle Man carrying a couple buckets!

Cameron and Daddy 

Searching for shells!

Check this one out!

Woo Hoo!  A sand dollar!

Playing in the sand!

Time for some soccer!

Getting buried in the sand! 

Daddy's turn! 


Cooling off in the water!

 We had a ton of fun in the sun but the time had come for us to set out on our journey home...we still had many surprises in store and couldn't wait to see how much fun they would have on every stop!

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