Sunday, July 14, 2013

OOB 2013

Ever since I got back from Hawaii the kids have been asking to go to the beach so we planned a weekend at Old Orchard Beach in ME.  They were a little disappointed that we were not boarding a plane to get where we were going and that it was a 3 hour ride!  I am so glad we drove to Disney a year ago and not now when they are constantly asking how much longer?  Is it going to be a long time?  Are we almost there?  It would have been a VERY long ride!

So we set out on our 3 hour tour and luckily they all took a little snooze on the way over which helped with the questioned mentioned above.  Five minutes from the beach we discovered we left the puddle jumpers at home so we stopped in and grabbed some arm floaties just in case.  We made it to Old Orchard Beach in time to catch some waves and Brady became an expert boogie boarder in a matter of minutes.  Aubrey was terrified of the seagulls and Matthew and Cameron were not too thrilled about going in the water with some seaweed.  Matthew eventually went in...until he got some salt water in his mouth...but Cameron was not being convinced of anything.
Yay!  We made it!

Checking out the water!

 Boogie Boarding like a pro!

Matthew and Aubrey's version of surfing...letting the tide move the sand under their feet!

...and Cameron hanging out on the beach!

Getting ready to check out the pier! 

Grabbing a quick bite to eat!

Riding some rides in the arcade!

Finally we took a walk up through some of the shops then headed to the hotel for showers and some rest before our full day we had planned for the next day!  Four little monkeys sharing a bed! 

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