Thursday, October 25, 2012


All the boys like to go to the races and cheer for their favorites...Luke, Trevor, and of course the infamous Joe Schmoe.  Joe Schmoe came up when they were asking who every single driver was and we didn't know them all so we started making up names.  The one that stuck in their brains was Joe Schmoe...the guy is everywhere!  He works with them, drives all sorts of truks we see, lives down the road, does naughty things.  Imaginations at their best!

Last weekend Ben took the boys to the big race and they went to the driver meet and greet.  They all came home with signed picture cards from some drivers and Matthew was so excited to get one from Luke!  He slept with his pictures and woke midway through the night because he thought he lost them.  Ben came home from work the other night with a picture for Matthew personalized "To Matt- Luke Shannon #13"...the kid had the biggest smile on his face for hours!  He slept with the picture and then when he woke in the morning there was an hour meltdown because it was bent so now I need to go get him a "frane" to keep it nice. 

So proud!!!


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