Thursday, October 11, 2012

Dance Class Drop-out

When Aubrey first started talking about taking dance classes the boys were excited to join in too.  Ben was reluctant to let the boys take dance but in our small town there is not much else offered for children their age so I thought why not?!?!  It would give them all the opportunity to get out and do something fun without hanging onto me.

The first class was kind of rough.  Matthew came out half way through crying and the other three followed him right out the door.  I brought them all back in and ended up sitting on the floor in the dance room while they didn't participate. 

Week two brought more of the same from Matthew but the other three were just fine.  They all came home talking about their teacher and showing us the new moves they had learned while singing the "Whistle While You Work" song from Snow White. 

The third week came and I thought I would try to bribe Matthew with a lollypop.  I bought the four of them each a ring pop and told them if they stayed in class that I would let them have it when the class was over.  Matthew wouldn't even go in.  At the end of class I gave the other three their pops and Matthew cried as I gave his to another little girl.

I thought that might be enough to make him break the cord because he talked all week about how he was going to dance class and how he was going to stay in there the whole time.  So again, I bought pops and brought them with us.  We got there and he was hesitant to go into the building and when it was time to go into the dance room he started shaking.  I have never seen him do this before so I bent down and asked what was wrong.  He started crying and said "Mommy, don't leave me in here it makes my belly hurt" so obviously I kissed the other three and brought Matthew back to the waiting room with me.

The waiting room wasn't good enough.  He cried that he just wanted to go home.  He wanted Daddy to pick him up...anyone for that matter.  I put his coat on and brought him outside and we walked around on the big deck that they have for a little bit and snuck a peak in the classroom window to see that the other three really were enjoying their time and following all their teacher's instructions...YAY! 

When the time came that class was almost over so I told Matthew we had to head inside because the other kids would be upset if they came out and couldn't find me.  We weren't in the door yet when he started crying that he didn't want to go in.  I explained to him that he was all done taking dance and that he could be in the waiting room with me from now on while the others danced but he didn't want anything of it.  So now the lollypop bribe had a different meaning...I got him in the waiting room by giving him the pop that he wasn't earning for dancing. 

Did I give in about the lollypop, maybe, but after seeing his reaction to having to go into dance class I realized he wouldn't have done it for anything in the whole world...and he shouldn't have to!  The class was meant to be a fun way for them to enjoy sometime away from me and get to know some other kids.  The other three are still loving dance and I think that is fantastic!  I will continue to bring them to class and Matthew and I can get some time coloring in the waiting room every week and everyone will be happy.  Maybe after seeing the dance recital Matthew will decide that he really does want to be a part of that next year...maybe not...but either way the choice will be his and whether or not the rest of them go will be up to each individual. 

I am hoping that baseball in the spring goes smoother as I will be right in view the whole time and Daddy will be the coach!

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