Friday, January 7, 2011

Growing too fast!

This past week I cleaned out the babies dressers and closet and put away all their new Christmas clothes. We had to start hanging Aubrey's clothes in a different place in the closet because she has too many and the boys didn't have enough room to share with her anymore. It was so sad to put away all of the 12 month clothes and put in all the 18 month stuff for Aubrey and 18-24 month and 2T stuff for the boys. I have a lot of used stuff to bring to the consignment shop and Aubrey unfortunately got some 12 month stuff for Christmas without tags on so some lucky recipient will be hitting the jackpot at the local consignment shop.

Of course we had tons of hand me downs to add to thier wardrobe too. We have been so fortunate to get these from so many people that we have 8-30 gallon totes full of clothes up to size 4T. At the rate they are growing it is great not to have to buy new all the time!

Posing in their new outfits from Mommy and Daddy. I think they would be a pretty cute Old Navy Ad!

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