Sunday, January 16, 2011

Bye Bye High Chairs

For the past several weeks we have been having a constant battle with the babies to stay seated in their high chairs during their meals. They want to sit like big kids but they aren't quite big enough to sit up at the big table with us without taking some tumbles. And during day care there isn't enough room at the table for the four of them and the four to five day care kids we have each day so we were trying to figure it all out.

The solution to our never-ending meal time dilemma came when I received a phone call that Gorham Community Learning Center had some child size tables and chairs available for free if we would like to come over and pick up a set. We were more than happy to take them a table and 8 chairs off their hands. We cleaned it up today and it is PERFECT! The babies can sit there without us worrying that they will fall, there is enough room for all the kids to sit at breakfast and lunch time all together and the babies think that it is awesome to sit like big kids.

It was a sad moment cleaning up the high chairs and folding them up out of the way. One more thing that moves us away from babyhood. :(

First meal in the high chair

Our new toddler table


  1. Kari- that is awesome! What a blessing!

  2. Wow, look at those big kids. It was a big change for us to get rid of the highchairs too. Now we can't get them to stay seated in their chairs so we are back to using boosters up to the big table that keep them strapped in. LOL Good luck with the transition. :)


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