Wednesday, March 24, 2010

6 month check up

The babies had their 6 month check up yesterday and the pediatrician was pleased at how well they are developing and the fact that we have been able to keep them from having a hospital stay since their NICU discharge. We were definitely blessed with healthy babies! Everyone checked out great and they each got a new book for being such good babies during their check up. We were glad to have Jenn come with us to give an extra hand moving the babies around and helping hold them through shots. Ben can't stand seeing that part of it. I think after all the shots I gave myself over the years I am immune to being freaked out by needles! The six month stats are:
Matthew- 16lbs 6oz 40th percentile
26" long 50th percentile
17" head circumference 50th percentile

Brady- 19 lbs 15 oz 90th percentile
27" long 75th percentile
17.75" head circumference 90th percentile

Cameron- 16lbs 13oz 50th percentile
26" long 25th percentile
17.5" head circumference 80th percentile

Aubrey- 13lbs 8oz 10th percentile
24.5" long 10th percentile
17" head circumference 25th percentile

Today Cameron met with the Urologist and he will be having surgery in the coming weeks to correct his hyposadias and circumcise him. I am none too thrilled with the idea of him being put out. We were told that one of us could be there through the entire surgery if we chose. Ben can't handle things like that and I am not sure that I want to see that either so I think we will probably stay with him while he is awake then met him in the post op room but we will see what we end up deciding.

Matthew got fitted for his helmet today and it should be in for him in two weeks. He did pretty good at the fitting but I doubt he will be so relaxed about wearing it 23 hours per day. His doctor seems to think that it will be all better within two months so hopefully it will be off before the weather turns too warm. Up here in NH that usually doesn't happen too early!

We are on week two of hardly any sleep. Our terrific sleepers have turned into nighttime monsters! They think it is fun to sleep 15 minutes then wake up crying. Of course they take turns so we have been averaging one 2 hour stretch of sleep then the rest of the night is sporadic. My mom stayed Sunday so we could get some sleep. She took our monitors and I ended up taking something for my migraine and was out like a light! Last night she spent the night too so we could get a little extra rest before driving today and she was taking Aubrey and Brady for the day so she just took them home instead of us having to make an extra stop. We are so lucky to have her! Anyone with children knows that not every Grammie would spend the night, come over to help at a moments notice, watch them while others have appointments or spend nearly as much time with their grandchildren as she does. I am sure that the babies will always have a special bond with her because of everything she does for them. THANKS MOM!

Here are some pictures of Matthew getting fitted for his helmet. And yes, he was trying to eat the plaster!


  1. Wow, six months already! Sounds like these guys are keeping everyone busy these days! Thanks for sharing. Kathy

  2. Brady at 6 months (which is technically 4 months?) is bigger than Hunter was at 9 months!!! What a big boy! And also bigger than Lori was at one, but she is a peanut girl. So glad they are doing well--- good luck with Cameron's surgery and Matthew's helmet. Thinking lots about you!

  3. What an adorable little guy! Always praying for you guys!!!

  4. I just want to eat Matthew up, he is SOOOO cute.


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