Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Complete Chaos!

That is the only word I can use to describe the past 5 days! Saturday morning Brady and Cameron woke up wheezing and barking like little seals so there was a quick trip to the pediatrician in store for that day. Both boys had the croup and were given steroid shots and I was told to expect the others to get it too.

Sunday morning we packed up for our trip to Concord for Bailee's 9th birthday party. They were fantastic in the car chatting and napping most of the way. They had a great time there but there was so many people that they were overwhelmed and would not give in for a nap even with me walking them around in the stroller so by the time we left and headed to dinner they were so fussy! We tried going to the Olive Garden but there was a 45 minute wait and there was no way that the babies would be patient that long so we started out drive to Lebanon for our first overnight in a hotel. Along the way we found a McDonald's where we were able to stop and feed them. Make that TRY to feed them. They were all so crabby and no one ate more than 3-4 oz of their bottles so we packed them up and headed to the hotel.

Amazingly they slept great in the motel but woke up to Aubrey and Matthew sounding like Cameron and Brady did just 2 days before. Great! Four sick babies! We brought Aubrey to her eye appointment at Dartmouth where we ended up waiting nearly an hour for them to come get her. You would think having a 8:30 appointment there is really no time to get behind, right? We were supposed to bring Matthew for his helmet casting right after Aubrey's appointment but that got cancelled because the insurance company isn't sure whether or not they are going to approve it. The criteria for needing a helmet is 11 mm difference when measuring one side of the head against the other side. Matthew measured 25 mm difference so you would think that it would be an easy decision. So we have to call back next week and see if the approval came and hopefully bring him when we bring Cameron to the urologist on the 24th.

Monday night was HORRIBLE! Ben and I may have gotten an hour sleep all night long. All four of them felt horrible and were up all night long. Matthew was the worst crying all night long because he didn't feel well and couldn't breathe out his nose because of all the mucus but wouldn't go to sleep without his paci. We ordered a nasal aspirator to try because they still seem really junky after using a bulb syringe. I can't wait to get it.

Last night they tricked me by going to bed great and when Ben got home around 10:30 they started to wake up and someone was up at all times last night too. I hope they start to feel better soon so we can all get some sleep!

Tomorrow they have their last visit from Dr Rhodes to be checked out and get their Synergist. As many colds as they have had this winter I am going to hate not getting the RSV protection next winter as well.

Well, babies are waking up screaming, looks like another good day in store for us!


  1. Oh Kari, I can just imagine how hard it must be for you guys. Sick babies are no fun and it is no fun x4. Like I have said before, I can't imagine doing what I do x 2. I hope the babies get better soon so you and Ben can rest also. (((Hugs))

  2. Hugs to you girl! I hate just having Gage being sick and fussy...I couldn't imagine 4x that! YUCK! Bless your hearts. I hope they get better soon.

  3. Hopefully things are getting better - no fun to have 1 screaming baby let alone 4!! - Tkeys


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