Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Cameron the big boy

We brought Cameron home in a car bed because he was unable to make it more than 6 minutes in his car seat without a dip in his heart rate that he wasn't able to self resolve so he has been riding in a car bed for the past 3 weeks. Today he had his repeat test and passed with flying colors so now he is in a regular infant seat! YAY!

This is going to make going everywhere so much easier we had been loading him into a stroller then back into the car bed all the time but now we can use both the snap and go's. Let me tell you those are the best inventions! Anyone with an infant should have one.

In other news we had made friends with another couple from NH while at the OB's this summer and they delivered their quads last Friday! CONGRATS GUYS! Keeping their little ones in your prayers while they are in the NICU growing stronger would be appreciated. I just know they are going to be little stars there too! :)


  1. Yaaah, for Cameron the BIG BOY! I know that has to be much easier! And I agree, those snap and gos are the best! Wish they'd had those when my kids were small. Best wishes and prayers for the new set of quads--hope they do as well as yours have! Ya'll have a lot to be thankful for this year. Blessings, Kathy

  2. YAY for Cameron! I'm so glad things are going to be much easier now that he's not having to use his car bed any longer. I have a snap and go myself, and I'll let you know what I think of it when Gage arrives...hehehe. I know they are good because my little sister had one for her little boy and it made things much easier for her. God Bless your friend. Sending lots of prayers and thoughts their way as well.

  3. That is great that Cameron has graduated into a big boy seat. The Snap n' Go's are the best. We were so glad we went with those rather than some of the other travel systems.

    That will be nice to have another family going throug the same things as your family. Best wishes to both of your families. Keep the updates coming.


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