Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Happy birthday to Mommy!

The kids just love buying gifts for people! The always but some thought in it and have a reason that they bought you the things they did.  Cameron was so excited to give me his gift first!

A Halloween sign...because Halloween is coming and he likes bats!

Thanks Cam!

Aubrey couldn't wait for me to open her gift and even gave me some clues as I unwrapped!

A tea party set...because I like tea and she didn't have one like this yet!

Matthew was so anxious for me to open it that he told me what it was before I could see!  A red bank because he likes red and we need to save money for a new vacation!

Thanks Matt!

Brady was proud of his choice!  A big glass that is purple at the bottom because that is my favorite color and blue at the top because that is his favorite color!

I love these guys!  Thanks for the awesome gifts!

...and for every nice picture there has to be a silly one!

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