Wednesday, October 8, 2014

First Progress Reports!

They are all adjusting to our new routines and the fact that they have to go to school every day...some days they are more willing to get up and get rolling than others.  We are proud of them for putting in the effort and doing the best they can while encouraging them to try a little harder in some areas.

Mrs. Guay reports that Matthew does his very best every day and is always willing to help out his peers.  He contributes to class discussions, listens to directions and works independently.  Matthew is working on writing his name by using a combination of both upper case and lower case letters and learning "greatest" and "least" and discriminating between them.

Mrs. Guay reports that Brady does his very best every day.  He adds to class discussions and always willing to help.  He can write his first name accurately and count well beyond ten.  Brady is learning to discriminate between least and greatest.

Mrs. Guay reports that Aubrey listens to directions and cares about her work.  She contributes to the class discussion and wants to learn new things.  She is working on finding the appropriate time to socialize.  Aubrey can write her first name accurately and count beyond 10.  Aubrey is working on 1:1 matching.

Mrs. Guay reports that Cameron is eager to do well and is always ready to add to the class discussion.  He is a methodical worker and sometimes does not complete tasks in the allotted time.  He seems to handle this well and will complete them later.  He is writing his name without a model and working on match 1:1 with numbers and quantities.

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