Tuesday, October 7, 2014

5 Year Check Up Time!

Five years...holy cow!  It still makes me sad when I say I have five year olds!  They were more than happy to get a half day off of school to go to the doctors, especially when they heard they were not due for any shots this time around...except Aubrey who was begging for a shot.  I had briefly entertained the thought of switching doctors, solely for the ease of not making a 2 hour round trip for simple visits now that the kids were in school.  After the appointment I did come to the realization that no other doctor would meet my expectations.  Dr Stasny is so thorough, so knowledgeable,  and stays up to date on the newest recommendations.  I have yet to stump her with a question, that I have already thoroughly researched and just needed one more opinion, in all of the years we have been there.  We are very fortunate that we struggled to find a pediatrician in the beginning because it lead us to right where we needed to be.

With Matthew our biggest concern with him was his hearing loss that seems to be causing him to mumble his words together lately.  We already had an appointment for a follow up with Dr. Chen to see if the nasal spray is effective or if he will need to get tubes put in...we will see next week!

Matthew's measurements at 5 years old:
Weight 37 lbs -  21st percentile
Height 42" - 27th percentile
BMI 14.7

With Brady our main concern was his tendency to get compulsive about things. We discussed why people are like this and how to help them work through it without the frustration.  Dr Stasny made some good book recommendations for both him and me which we are waiting to be delivered.  His leg pain seems to be growing pains and she showed us both how to do some stretches to work on those.

Brady's measurements at 5 years old:
Weight 47 lbs -  88th percentile
Height 44.5" - 76th percentile
BMI 16.7

Aubrey was up next!  We discussed how she has been giving us a hard time about wearing certain things, even after she picks them out herself, and how she has been having meltdowns over her hair being done a certain way.  She seems overly concerned with how others perceive her.  Again we got some great book recommendations and advice.

Aubrey's measurements at 5 years old:
Weight 35 lbs -  12th percentile
Height 41.5" - 24th percentile
BMI 14.3

Cameron was last up and the easiest to discuss!  We didn't have many concerns for Cameron and in fact he seems to be the one giving us the least amount of trouble right now.  They all take their turns at this for sure!

Cameron's measurements at 5 years old:
Weight 38 lbs - 31st percentile
Height 42.5" - 38th percentile
BMI 15.1

After discussing pros and cons all four got the nasal vaccination against the flu and we were sent on our way until next year!

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