Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Fun at the waterpark!

To my dismay, there are no pictures of this fun event because I was nervous to take my Nikon and certain that I had my pocket Kodak in my purse...I did not!

For their birthday the St Cyrs and the Cantons gave the kids passes to Kahuna Laguna in North Conway.  Ben is getting ready to be on call 24/7 anytime now so we thought this past weekend was a great time to use them up.  The kids counted down the sleeps for a whole week until it was finally time to go and they were not disappointed!

We arrived shortly after noon and stayed until after 4:30...playing in the wave pool, playing some water basket ball, sliding down the kiddie slides, and splashing around!  Brady was the only one tall enough to go on the big water slides and that ticked Matthew off but he soon forgot about that and went on playing again. They loved that Colin, Parker, Lauryn, Auntie Sam and Uncle Chris came to play with us!

A big thank you goes out to the St Cyrs and the Cantons for a fabulous day!

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