Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Lancaster Fair 2013

All I hear all year long as we go ANYWHERE that requires driving through Lancaster is how many days until the fair comes back?  Well, the time had finally come!  Previous years they were still free so we went daily and checked out all the exhibits, the animals, the horse pulls, etc. every single day.  This year they were $18 each so I warned them ahead of time that we would only be going one day...then we were able to pull off a second day so they were thrilled.

I have to admit at first I was not thrilled with the price increase.  That is a lot of money for kids who can't ride that many rides and who would be just as happy not riding any...last year they rode a total of 4 rides in the 6 days we were there.  Once we decided to go I told them they could ride each ride as many times as they wanted and they took me up on that!  We spent nearly 19 hours there in 2 days and they must have each ridden 100 rides.  They did 10 rides in a row without getting off one time.  We definitely got our money's worth!

Next year will be even better because they will all be over that 42" requirement.  Brady was the only one who met it this year so I warned him ahead of time that if everyone couldn't ride then no one was riding.  I was not dealing with three crying kids while one got to ride whatever he wanted.

This was the first year not using the stroller at all and they were fabulous, never once complained about doing all the walking we did.  They were out like a light as soon as their heads hit the pillow at night but never slept in any later in the morning!  DARN!

When I asked them tonight what their favorite part of the fair was they all said the animals and horse pulls and the crazy houses, Brady said Farmer for a Day, Aubrey said the Happy Swing, Cameron said the Tornado was fun but I wanted to ride the roller coaster (he was a little too short) and Matthew said the long slide.

Farmer for the Day!

Payment for a job well done! 

Checking out the real barns!

They spotted Papa's tractor and needed pictures!

Time for some rides!

The crazy kids even loved this!  They mustn't really be mine!

The crazy houses!

Competing in the Tractor Pulls...next year we will be training for this event!

AND...they got to meet Spiderman!  Brady thinks he recognized who is under the mask but he just can't figure out who it is yet...smarty pants!

And the countdown for Lancaster Fair 2014 has already began...it's going to be a long year!

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