Friday, June 7, 2013

Ratted out by my 3 year old!

Though the rude comments have stopped for the most part we still get stopped at least once every time we are out by people asking if they are quads and usually another question or comment follows this remark.  Generally when I have just two of them with me at appointments or such people will say "Oh, twins!" or make some remark about them being twins and I just smile and nod! 

Matthew and Cameron had appointments at Dartmouth this week for hearing tests so Ben and I brought just those two with us to get checked out then we went to lunch.  This older couple was watching them as they finished up eating their ice cream and I made eye contact...that's all it takes!  She asked "Are they both your children?"  To which I replied they were.  "Oh, twins?" she asked.  I did the usual nod and smile then it happened...Cameron looked at me then at her and said "NO!  We are quads!  There are 3 boys and 1 girl.  Aubrey and Brady are at home."

The lady looked at me and said "Four at ONE time!" to which I did the usual nod and smile...and walked out with a red face.  Guess that teaches me my lesson!

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