Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Headed to the Dentist!  The staff at Concord Pediatric Dentistry are the best!

Goofing around in the waiting room while waiting for their turn in the chair!

My big kids got their first set of dental x-rays!  Four kids with NO cavities!  Great job brushing guys!

Time for a cleaning!

Ok lady, are you done yet???

The Dentist told her she has teeth as shiny as the Princesses!

All in all it was a good visit with a little bad news on each of them.  Brady has quite an underbite that they have been watching for some time now and told me when he hits 6 they will talk about things we can do to try to correct it and avoid surgery later in life.  Matthew's molars are fairly close together and we need to try some new flossing methods to ensure that he stays cavity free.  Aubrey has a tooth in the bottom front that must have suffered some kind of trauma...like getting it banged or something...because the nerve is dead and it is slightly discolored.  With any luck the discoloration will stop where it is now, just barely visible, but there is a chance it will turn dark.  Cameron...well, the Dentist told me to start saving my pennies now because with his little mouth all his teeth are crammed right in there tight and there will be braces in his future.

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