Friday, May 10, 2013

Quadvention 2013!

This year the quad mommas decided to go country!  Nashville, Tennessee was the location of choice and eight of us were able to make it.  We were missing some of our usuals do to life that doesn't stop just because we want to get together...imagine that!!!

Kim found us an AMAZING house...right in the middle of the ghetto!  I thought the GPS was sending us in the wrong direction until we pulled up and discovered the diamond in the rough.  The inside was beautiful and we had a ton of room to all spread out.

Chateau Ghetto!

View from our porch!

So beautiful!

 I would LOVE a bathroom like this!

Plenty of room to hang out!

Spacious Bedrooms...4 total!

Amy planned out a fun filled vacation for us all starting from the moment she picked us up at the airport in the BAV (Big Ass Van).  That girl drives that thing like it is a tic tac!  Thanks for being our chauffeur for the weekend.   

First up dinner!

Then off to the Honky Tonk Bars...

 Cali Girl goes country!

I was a little...ok a lot nervous to stand out on the balcony.

First thing Friday morning we headed for the pink bus to get on the Nash Trash tour!
HILARIOUS!  I can't remember when I laughed so much!

A stop at the Country Music Hall of Fame.

A quick bite to eat at the Hard Rock before doing some shopping!

Friday evening consisted of take out from Jack's and in house massages...ahhhh...pure relaxation!
Saturday was more shopping, eating and off to the Grand Ole Opry.  That was interesting to say the least!

Another great trip with amazing ladies!  Thank you to all who made it possible! 

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  1. A friend of mine from Missouri sent me a copy of your blog. They got a huge kick out of seeing our home in your blog. We're SO happy you enjoyed your stay in Nashville and our home in the ghetto. I guess you found its check-in on Facebook or Foursquare for "Chateau Ghetteau?" I named it myself :)


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