Friday, May 31, 2013

Photo Friday!

All looking and smiling...a small miracle right there folks!

My little Cam Man...I have never met a child so giving.  He is the first to give something up, pass up a turn,
or reach out to one of his siblings just to make them happy.  He has the most caring soul!

Little Miss Aubrey....whether she is being sweet or sassy, bossy or nice there is one thing she always is
A Beautiful Little Princess! 

My little Matt...always the clown of the group but easily embarrassed at the same time.
He can make me smile even when I am in the worst of moods!

My little B-Man...this boy is a heck of a worker!  If anything needs to be done he is always there
offering to help me and uses his super strength to get the job done!

Sibling shots! 

Matthew was not very impressed about having to share the camera!

Hamming it up with some of their besties! 

I took full advantage of the kids being cooperative and snapped several pictures of them! Who knows when I will get them to cooperate like this again!

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