Sunday, November 11, 2012

Love and Logic

If you read the post about me going a little crazy with the threes then you will be happy to read the follow up that is helping me stay a little more sane.  Several of my moms of multiples friends suggested a book called "Love and Logic for Early Childhood" so I figured it was worth a shot!  Upon reading the book I thought there was no way that these simple ideas could make for a calmer, happier household for all six of us but we put them into use and they have helped so much.

The kids love being in control by making their own choices.  Some of the choices they make really crack me up like:
Kid: I don't want to eat supper!
Mom: Do you want to eat 5 bites or 6 bites?
Kid: SIX!
Mom: OK!  Let's keep count together.

Seriously...they almost always choose the higher number!  This works for so many things!  When they want to watch more TV and I say you can either watch another show when Daddy gets home or in the morning? They will choose one and go about their merry way 99% of the time.  The other 1% of the time we have to choose for them because they do not choose or choose a choice that was not available to them.

It definitely is not fool-proof but it is helping.  Cameron is the one not responding to it nearly all of the times that it is failing but I got another book recommendation from a fellow quad momma and I am reading that now too.  I think they will always be keeping us on our toes!

A humorous Love and Logic story came about last week when Aubrey came running into the kitchen crying because Brady had hit her with a bat.  I turned the corner to see Brady standing there, bat in hand, looking at me with a "WHAT?!?!" kind of look on his face.  So I asked him why he hit his sister and his response..."Well I asked her if she wanted me to hit her with my bat or with my hand.  She didn't choose so I choosed!"  I guess we need to work on the part where the choices need to be ACCEPTABLE choices!

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