Saturday, December 12, 2009

What a week!

The week started out with Matthew deciding to cry all day long for three days! The only thing that made him happy was Daddy holding him. You can imagine how difficult that is with four other babies. Aubrey is normally our fussy one, demanding attention all the time while the others take turns being cranky but never like Matthew did for those few days.

Our pictures came back that Samantha McMann took and they are BEAUTIFUL! I can't wait to give them out for Christmas gifts to our friends and family. We like them so much we asked her to take pictures of their baptism next month.

I was able to get all my Christmas wrapping done thanks to Ben's mom, step dad and aunts coming to play with the babies for a few hours and letting me have uninterrupted time. That doesn't happen very often!

I forgot to include in last week's post that Aubrey is officially recovered from her ROP so there will be no eye surgery for the little princess. She does still have to be checked again in 6 months because a lot of time babies who had ROP later develop lazy eyes. Matthew has learned to smack his lips when you make kissing noises at him and he will smile at you when you talk to him now. Brady is becoming more vocal and will smile once in awhile too. This morning I was showing him his refelction in the mirror and he kept looking at himself like "who is that baby?" Cameron is still wide awake most of the time and loves to look at our digital picture frame.

Yesterday my new nephew was born and he sure is a cutie! The babies are lucky to have a cousin so close in age.

Tomorrow we are going to attempt to bring the babies to church. Hopefully they will be well behaved and not disrupt the service too much.


  1. I always love your posts. Sorry about the cranky baby for 3 days, but at least it was only one of them! Isn't it amazing how many people it takes to give you a little uninterrupted time??? Shows just how special you are! Have a very Merry Christmas and I hope all goes well with the babies and church tomorrow--I can't begin to imagine that ordeal of just getting ready! Blessings, Kathy

  2. I hope church went well today-- sometimes it is easier with the little ones because they aren't mobile and will just stay and sleep.... wait until they are wanting to crawl around! Sorry Matthew wan't himself--maybe he was just sick of seeing his sister getting attention. :) She sounds like she is definitely all girl. Hope you are hanging in... sounds like you have such great support! Enjoy the holiday if I don't talk to you before!


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