Friday, December 18, 2015

Our Christmas Tree 2015

Typically we have a tradition of cutting our own tree down but with Aubrey's surgery and everything else in our crazy life we kind of ran out of time so we went and picked one out at the lot down the road from our house and this is what we got.  The kids decided we were going to do a star instead of an angel this year but Aubrey insisted she still gets the honor of putting it on top of the tree!

Cameron asked if he could be the one to put the "Garlic" on this year.  With a cute face like that how can you correct him?

Aubrey was happy to find her special ornament from Aunt Hillary! 

Matthew and Brady were very specific about choosing which branch to hang their ornaments on.

They decorated it all by themselves and did a great job!

Merry Christmas from the fab four! 

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