Saturday, October 3, 2015

Corn Maze and Apple Picking

One thing I have always wanted to do was take a trip to the Great Vermont Corn Maze and since we had a weekend with nothing to do we called up some friends and went on our way to have some fun!  

The kids were impressed by the large corn stalks and had a ball collecting all the punches on their cards.  Each punch was a different shape and they all made bets on which shape was up next!

Cameron was pretty impressed to find Dinosaurs in the maze.  Matthew told him it was fake but he was certain that it was a fossil...

YAY!!!!  We found our way out!

More dinos!  Eric didn't pay any attention to the no climbing sign and stuck all the kids up there for a photo op!

Time to burn off some energy playing in the forest!

Oh Cameron...always wanting to pose for pics.  I told him he could be a gorilla baby.

A glance into the future perhaps? ;)

Petting zoo to end the corn maze fun.

Oh those boys!

Time to search for the perfect apples!

Hayride around the apple orchard before heading home for the day!

We didn't get enough apple picking in so we took another trip with the Felthun Quads! A little glimpse into our future!

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