Monday, August 17, 2015

Quadvention 2015

The past 4 years I have vacationed with some of my favorite quad mommas and formed lifelong friendships.  This summer we thought we would get our families together so all the kids could meet.  Amy and Mandy graciously opened up their beautiful home to 4 families and we created some pretty amazing memories.  All the kids made friends with each other and it was such a fun time for us all you would never have guessed there were 25 kids running around.  The yard was like a kid much to do!

Playtime in the pool!

They loved the tree house!  

Hanging out in the hammock!

Cameron was totally impressed!

Jumping off some of that energy!

As soon as one kid got on a line would form...Ben got his exercise pushing the crew.

Hanging out!

Feeding time!

The girls had a great time together!

Matthew and Harper were inseparable!

Triple trouble...3 red heads!

Crazy Wheeled Fun!

Fireworks in the park!

5 Best friends

25 kids

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