Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Petite Picassos...

They all love to color and paint so they were so excited  to show us what they accomplished in Art class this fall.  The little artists made these fabulous scratch art pictures and they were so proud to tell us all about what their pictures were of.

Matthew drew a picture of Mommy and Matt.  The M stands for Matt and the K for Kari.  All the shapes were kites that we were flying in the summer time.

Aubrey drew a picture of our whole family and all the hearts mean that we all love each other.  We are taking a walk outside in the sun.

Cameron drew a picture of Mommy and Cameron and Callie.  We were at our house getting ready to read a book.

Brady drew a picture of Daddy, Callie and Brady taking a walk out in the sunshine climbing on rocks and hills.

They also brought home pictures they drew of Magical Birds...

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