Thursday, March 13, 2014

Cam the Con Man

If nothing else the boy is smart!  He comes up with an idea then convinces everyone else to go along with it or even try it first.  Tonight Ben went up to see how the kids were doing getting their room cleaned and found they had put all their blankets on the floor between their beds.  He told them to put them back and finish cleaning and then Aubrey came down to tell us how Cameron told Matthew and Brady to jump off the left side of her bunk bed...of course she is the top bunk!  Ben went up with Aubrey to see where the "left side" was and sure enough it was right over the rail on the left side of her top bunk!

Ben asked them if they realized that they could break their leg or arm or anything else and Matthew responded "Cam told us to!" Brady agreed to that and Cameron in his regular Cameron fashion threw his arms in the air and said "I don't know...It wasn't my idea!  They did it first! "  Yeah right buddy!

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